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An Intro To Content Strategy

If you are arriving at this blog post wondering if you need a Content Strategy, let me honestly tell you: Yes. Yes, you most definitely do. Wow, this might actually be the shortest blog post ever written.

No, seriously, spending time putting together a well thought out Content Strategy that suits the needs of your business and/or website will save you so much stress in the future, because it will help you to fully understand your audience. This is important because you can then figure out what kind of content will fulfill their needs.

Let’s take a second to let that settle….in fact, let me just repeat that last part….

“…will fulfill their needs.”

Not yours. Not your business’ needs, but the needs of your customer or audience.

So many companies get this wrong, and make their entire strategy about the type of content they want to create, but your needs are not important. You want to make money, we get it, but your customers don’t want reminding of that. They want to be nurtured into a sense of security that builds trust and – most importantly – a relationship with you.

What makes up a Content Strategy?

As stated above, this is going to depend on what your audience wants, but it could be:

  • Blog Posts

  • How To Guides

  • Social Media Posts, particularly for engagement

  • Product Descriptions

Whichever ones you choose to use, content will be the driving force of everything you do because it creates results.

Don’t worry too much about what you are posting about. Instead, spend time focusing on why you are posting each piece. What do you want to achieve?

  • Perhaps you want to help your customers make the right choices

  • Maybe you would like to educate them on a specific topic

  • Inform them about a new service that you offer

  • Show how something works

Consider your Buyers Journey

If you’ve read my previous two blog posts (if not, go read them now…I’ll wait!), you’ll know that I am an enormous advocate for the Buyers Journey, and this should definitely form the spine of your Content Strategy. Think about what stage of their journey, a person is going to be at when they reach each individual page and allow this to assist in the content that you aim to create.

Don’t Waste Your Content

One of the most common mistakes with Content Strategies is to just throw your content onto your website and simply leave it to fester and get forgotten.

You put so much effort into putting together that content, don’t waste it.

Build into your content strategy to regularly evaluate old blog posts. Ensure that they are still relevant; update any information that has become inaccurate, check that links are not broken and that any products are still the same. Maybe think about adding details of new products or services that your audience might be interested in that is relevant to the original copy.

It should also get to a point where you will have enough content to consider how else you might be able to use it. This is where you want to be careful, because you don’t want to upload the same content on the internet more than once.

Instead, think about how else your customers might consume information that you offer.

Think EBooks or perhaps even a part of a free course that you offer. Don’t be afraid to offer free content, if you’re not putting in too much extra effort to create it. But make sure that you use it smartly, as a jumping board to draw people in and (hopefully) part with their cash. Just don’t give too much; why would they hand over their hard-earned money, if you have already given them everything they need from you?

It’s all about finding the right balance.

Content Strategies, of course, take time and sometimes it’s also good to have a fresh pair of eyes take a look and see how everything is working for you. For assistance with your Content Marketing Strategy as well as an SEO Audit, get in touch and I will be more than happy to help.

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