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What a Copywriter uses Trello for

I’ve been using Trello on-and-off for about seven years now, having discovered it whilst I was planning my wedding. I use it A LOT so I figured that I would put together a blog post about what I use Trello for in case you need a little inspiration or encouragement into the awesomeness of being organised!

If you haven’t discovered the wonders of Trello yet, “Trello is a web-based Kanban-style list-making application”, so if you love lists or find them a useful way of keeping your life and work organised, then Trello is definitely for you.

Also, before I start, I just want to say that I was not asked to write this post, I am not being paid to write it. I am writing it because I genuinely get so much out of using Trello and I was keen to share it.

I have boards for all the different aspects of my life, but today I wanted to focus on how I use Trello for my business. I won’t go into all my boards, because some of them aren’t relevant or are boards that haven’t worked for me in the past, but I don’t want to remove them in case they do in the future:

2020 Goals:

This is where I have set out all the goals for my business for 2020, and under each goal I have mapped out what I am going to do to achieve them. Most things are small, working towards the larger benchmarks towards the main goal, which I find useful because it is much easier to achieve small steps than trying to take big leaps.

I also use this board to keep track of how well I am doing towards reaching those goals. I monitor this on a regular basis to see where I need to focus more of my attentions, whilst perhaps easing off on others.


This is where I keep track of what I am working on for specific clients. I keep them separate, because it’s less confusing that way. I give myself marked deadlines and keep myself up to date with what has been done and what needs doing.

Having all my clients on one board is useful, so that I can prioritise work based on deadlines. I find this easier for my brain to work around than, say, a spreadsheet, which often gets confusing.

Editorial Calendar:

This is where I brain dump ideas for blog posts and schedule them into a calendar; I have my Trello board connected to my main calendar, so that I know when things are due to go live on the website. I then work this into my Social Media Calendar.

My Social Media Calendar is the only thing that I choose not to have on Trello, just because my brain finds it easier to write everything down since I plan a month in advance with the intention to post at least five times a week. It is true that in 2020, I still need to write some things down for my brain to properly process them.

General Admin:

This is where I keep all my basic business-related admin. I save links to blog posts and articles that I want to read or save for later. I have a section for my processes, so if I haven’t worked on a specific type of project in a while, I can go back and see how I have effectively approached that task in the past, so that I can complete it efficiently without having to spend ages trying to remember the best methods for doing things.

My job switches and changes so much, that I do sometimes go periods when I haven’t done a task in a while, so this has been a huge lifesaver for me.

I keep some pieces of paperwork here as well.


This is where I keep track of invoices so that I know when they have been:

  • Created

  • Sent to clients

  • Paid by clients

  • Clients need chasing up

Master To Do:

One of my biggest problems is having a lot of thoughts and ideas floating around my head. Trello is a great place to just have a huge brain dump and my Master To-Do board is my place for doing that.

Every idea, every thought I’ll create a card for and just empty my brain of everything on to this board. As a chronic overthinker, I find this not only a useful task but also incredibly therapeutic.

Once I’ve written everything down, I move each into tasks and prioritise as necessary. This helps me to organise what needs to be done.

I guess you could say that this board acts as the Brain to the rest of my business because almost everything will start here before being duplicated and moved to the relevant board.


I keep copies of all my business-related receipts here. I find this easier than creating a folder because I have receipts coming from all over the place, either in physical form so I find it easier to take photos of stuff, include links or download copies that are all kept in one place.

This will, hopefully, make filing my Tax Return, easier.

Final Thoughts:

Trello is an incredibly useful tool that can be used in so many different ways to organise pretty much every aspect of life; not only in business, but I also use it to plan out parts of my novel, writing down Christmas present ideas, I have a Positivity Board which helps to cheer me up when I’m having a bad day, and I said before, I even planned parts of my wedding using Trello.

Do you use Trello? What do you use it for?

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